The Visitors

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever had the perfect pizza?

The ingredients on a pizza all play a part in how good it is. The sauce. The dough. The toppings. What’s your favorite topping?

No matter what you’re favorite topping is, your slice of pizza…or whole pie, as in Digby’s case…is yours. It tastes good to you.

But may not be someone else’s favorite.

That’s how we have come to think of traveling. And not traveling. Everyone has a different way of life. And when we come back to our Florida place home for a visit, we realize that more than ever. Just call us the visitors.

This past week we visited Gandma and Gandpa. We got to eat dinner on their front porch.

We got to watch Gandma make dinner. We had a nice visit.

Then we went to see more family. And we snooped.

And said we hoped they felt better. And that was nice to see them too. It felt good to be back.

But as we went on to our next campsite, I thought about something. What if everyone traveled? What if there was no one to visit?

And what if there were no visitors like us?

The pizza slice of life would seem kind of boring if the same toppings were on every one.

We may all live in different parts of the earth. Some of us move around the earth.

Some of us stay in one spot. Some of us do both.

But we all find our place. And where we are helps someone in their way of life.

Wherever we visit home, we are welcomed.

Whenever we have visitors to our campsite, wherever it is that we are parked, hopefully we make them feel welcome. And we get to play that part. What part do you like to play?

Life has a way of changing us. One day we may be on another side of it. Will we put ourselves in someone else’s place then? Only if we appreciate where we are now.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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