Musical Campsites

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some people move on up.

Some people move on down.

Some people, like us, go from town to town.

But when you get to this Florida place, and it’s warm, everyone else wants to be here too. And that makes it hard to find a place to park your giant house on wheels.

We came to this Florida place to see friends and family, and family that aren’t feeling so good. We thought we had plans to camp at places that apparently others also had plans for. Others means everyone.

You would think after years of living in a giant house on wheels that the persons would learn to plan ahead. But some things about persons never change. Some things are endearing. But some things? You ask for it. It means no camping spot.

So, since I have a special way of turning frowns upside down, I came up with a plan. If we have to move campsites every few days this week, let’s groove with it. Let’s play musical campsites!

Inconvenience makes many mad. Inconvenience tests their patience. Their sanity. Their mud in a cup intake.

But to me, even though moving every few days will be hard this week, it will also give us a chance to experience more. And if you’re grooving and loving life, turn up the music to it.

When you groove and play musical campsites, you move to the music. And if you don’t grab a campsite fast enough, you loose. And I am ready to play. We may have to get up early when places release campsites or wait for others to leave. But I can guarantee that it won’t be boring. And who wants to be bored? Not me.

Do you ever long for someone else’s way of life? Maybe you think you have it harder. Or that you struggle more. Maybe you do. But maybe, those people are bored. Maybe your life looks more interesting. Would you want to trade lives? Think about it.

As hard as travel can be, just like every way of life, there are good and bad times. There are easy times. Times you know why you’re doing it. Times you wish you weren’t. But no one has a perfect life. And you should only want the life you have. Because it’s a package deal. One thing missing could make something else disappear. Take your life, put music to it and groove. Only you can do that dance.

We will be headed to Bradenton, Florida today! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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