Off Your Rocker

This is Fruitycake. And most days, I’m all about the fruit in life.

The sweet stuff and the fun stuff and appreciating what life should be and what life can be.

And by acting like myself, in the process, I seem to make Girl Person laugh a lot. And I like that too.

Brickle is serious. That’s for sure. He has a lot to think about and worry about since he runs this family.

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I’m the one that gets to sit back and relax and be me.

And yet, some persons may say I’m off my rocker.

You know…having so much fun that I fall off my chair. My rocking chair.

And honestly, what’s the big deal? It’s not that hard to fall off a rocking chair. Being off your rocker seems better than sitting still in a regular, boring chair.

Have you ever been off your rocker? Did you have so much fun that others looked at you funny?

That’s an every day thing for me. And I think it’s funny that they look at me funny. If that’s the only job I ever have, I will have been fulfilled. Because there is nothing better than making someone laugh.

A rocking chair keeps you moving. A rocking chair isn’t boring. A rocking chair has a sense of humor. It moves you.

We should all be like that.

As we sit here in these rocking chairs on the front porch of a cabin in this Georgia place this weekend, we need to make some solid plans to get us all to that Italy place in a hurry. I wish a rocking chair could get us there. But since it can’t, it’s time for another plan.

But when you approach life in a fun way, even when it’s a way that makes persons think you are off your rocker, it has to make you smile. And that’s what life is all about, my friends.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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