The Flow Of Traffic

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever been told to go with the flow? Oh. I’ve heard that so many times.

Especially when things aren’t going the way that you want them to.

In fact, I think it’s good to be flexible.

I think it’s good to not take life too seriously.

But most persons don’t ever stop to take inventory of the way that their life is going and where they are headed. The flow of traffic makes them just keep going.

The flow of traffic makes them follow everyone else’s lead. They do. They don’t think.

They don’t think about if they really want to go where they keep going each day.

I think that’s because it is easier to just keep going. When you stop, you are forced to think about things.

I don’t like to do that either, especially this week because I don’t want to admit that I need help with this surgery. But I do.

When I stop and think about this week, I am very nervous. I don’t want the pain. I don’t want the recovery.

I’ve been thru it before. Seems like it would just be easier to ignore it. But I can’t do that if I want to get to another destination in my life.

So if you’re hesitant to make changes right now and you’re tempted to just keep going with the flow of traffic, let’s do this together. Let’s stop.

Let’s stop and think and do what we need to do. I can do it. And you can too.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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