The Treat Stealers

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. When I was living by myself on the hard city streets, I definitely had to protect my food. I had to make sure I found food and ate it quickly.

I had to always watch behind me to make sure no one else was going to take what I had.

So sharing is definitely something I am still learning, even after a year of being in a family.

When we visited Gandpa and Gandma this past weekend, we got to meet some new cows that are there.

And they were about my size. The persons said that they were babies.

And they were cute from afar. Just like I smell good from afar.

But when they started giving all of the cows treats, that’s when I panicked. Weren’t Brickle and I supposed to get all of the treats?

What was going on with there treat stealers??

Brickle wasn’t happy either. He even growled at then and voiced his displeasure at the whole situation. So that’s when I decided we were going to get those cow treats.

And I put on my best Fruitycake face and it was a success. We were now the treat stealers.

Do you get jealous like me and Brickle when you see something someone else has? I tried to not want those treats. But I did.

And I did things I’m not proud of. So don’t be like me. Be happy for others. Being happy for someone and their success doesn’t make you any less valuable.

Don’t be a treat stealer.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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