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This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. If you don’t know this about me, well, let me tell you something. I like to talk. I like to talk a lot. I mumble and grumble. I bark at mostly appropriate times. And I enjoy the sound of my voice.

I was doing my talking thing quite a few times this week and quite enjoying it. I got to talk to people at the RV Show we went to.

And I got to talk to a lot of campers here in the campground. Most of the time, no one talks back because they aren’t sure what I’m saying. They may not “get me”. It’s exhausting to talk and no one talks back.

But one of the camper walkers this week said something I liked. She said I had a “big personality.” And that she liked dogs with big personalities. That made me feel pretty good.

If everyone has a personality, why don’t we notice? Because not only does life cause us to rush around and not notice things, but it causes some to try and blend in. To not stand out.

Life causes some to not remember who they are inside and show it.

There is no one else exactly like me. This I am sure of.

And there is no one else exactly like you! You have a personality. A big personality! Show who you are!

Whether you show your big personality in what you wear or how you live your life, you be you.

We will never be able to control everyone’s opinion of us. So if that is true, what a better reason to let the real you shine.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “Big Personality

  1. Robin Farnell

    Yes, Fruitycake, you do have a big personality and that is a good thing. Not all of us are out going like that, I’m more quite but comfortable. Crystal the beagle isn’t as vocal as she used to be, but when dinner time is approaching she let’s you know. We all have our ways and that is good. You and Brickle enjoy the RV show and the persons and other doggies 🐕 ❤️ 🙂🐾

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