The Same As It Was. And Not The Same As It Was.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Has something ever made you stop in wonder? Besides my handsome, that is.

There are so many things to take our attention and time in our world. So when we see something that makes us forget about all of the unnecessary things and makes us realize we are truly alive and meant to be happy, we well, that something is special.

Niagara Falls had that effect on me yesterday. But in many different ways.

The sound. The mist. The power. All of those attributes made me aware I was in the presence of greatness. The rainbow, the clouds, the squirrels and the birds made it feel even more like a dream.

But the longer I stood with Fruitycake and gazed at the Falls, no matter what angle I looked, I saw history. How long had the Falls been there, I wondered. Who had stared at it too?

It had not changed. It was the same. For many, countless years. It had been there even when Digby was here, I thought. And that seems so long ago.

The Falls were the same then as now. And yet I am not the same. Everything here was the same. Yet different. I knew the Falls only for this moment in time. The Falls knew me only for this moment in time. I wanted to tell the Falls my story. About Digby. But then I realized it already knew.

We may not know how. Or why. But all of us, whether we are here now, or we were here centuries ago, have been a part of this earth. The earth is part of us. We all make up each other. We always will. So don’t feel like ones you loved that are not here anymore do not matter now. They do. Just like the Falls.

They are as wondrous as the Falls. So are you.

We will be here for the remainder of the week and will be sharing more and visiting more! Stay tuned!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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