Is Routine Holding You Back?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What is your favorite routine? What do you do when you wake up in the morning?

We don’t really have much of a routine. When you are in a different place every week, you really don’t get to keep a routine. Because in one place, we may get to hike right outside our door.

And the next campsite, we may have to drive an hour just to get any type of groceries. It is all different. But there is always driving.

Girl Person says when she used to work at a bank for many, many years, she thrived on routine. She said that she liked knowing what was expected of her, how she would drive there and when she would get to come home and do it all over again. She says she could have never imagined that a routine would feel so far away.

I wondered how she could have been so different now compared to then. How was she even the same person? She told me that she didn’t make a conscious decision to give up routine. She said that she became aware very quickly when we started to travel that she could do different things.

She says routine made her feel like she couldn’t do all that she dreamed of. Routine was holding her back. Now, nothing can hold her back.  Just like nothing can hold back Niagara Falls.

I will say, that as I get older, routine does seem like it would be a nice thing. But it could also be dangerous to me.

Now, I have reason to get up and to see what the day holds. If I knew what the day would hold each morning, maybe I wouldn’t be so eager to get up.

How do you feel? Is routine holding you back? If you have a dream, there is a reason for that dream.

There is a reason your heart longs for it and yet a reason your mind puts it to the back of your brain’s closet.

We think we can’t do it. We think we aren’t worthy of having a routine different from others. You are worthy. You can do it.

I am glad that we got to come to this Niagara Falls place, even though Digby was not with us. Fruitycake is with us, and he is so happy.

My routine after Digby passed could have been filled with only sadness.

But the falls remind me that our routine can quickly be changed. Just pick the right way to go.

We are going to be in this Niagara Falls place until Monday, and we have a lot more to see and to show you! Stay tuned!

-Peanut Butter Brick

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