Is It The Way In Or The Way Out?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Yesterday was a tiring day. First, we had to move our whole house again a few spaces down at the campground. That was a lot of work.

Girl Person was feeling a little down again. So Boy Person said we would go for a hike and go to find some wine. That certainly cheered her up a bit!

But I didn’t know what kind of hike this would be. I didn’t know we were going in a tunnel.

Yes. A tunnel.

Apparently those train things used to go thru this very long tunnel. But now, it’s not being used and persons hike thru it. You have to bring a flashlight.

It is so dark. And even though I didn’t want to do it at first and the tunnel was wet, Brickle told me it was ok. Brickle told me that experiences like this make us stronger.

He told me when we do new things, it is a way out of monotony. It is a way to make your way out of sadness.

He said you can do the same thing over and over again. But you won’t get different results.

So to me, the tunnel was a way into the unknown and a way out of Girl Person’s sadness.

But it was also a way into to adventure and a way out of being the same dog I always was. Scared because I was fighting for my life. Now I got to be a little scared in a good way of having fun. Seeing something new. It’s all how you look at it.

If you want to feel alive, try something you’re scared of. And see how good that can be.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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