Where You Sit

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Where do you like to sit?  I love to have a great view from a campsite.  I like to watch persons and their furkids. I like to watch what is going on.

We had a campsite in that West Virginia place that was in a deep hole.  And when it rained, you guessed it.  It filled up with water.  We had lots of mud.  And I thought that it would never stop raining.  It was not my favorite campsite.  But it made me feel a little down in the mud.

Then, we moved to that Virginia place this weekend.  Our campsite was higher up.  There were persons and furkids to watch.  And I felt a little higher. A little better. A little drier.  

But sitting high up isn’t always the important part if you look down on others.

Have you ever been through a problem in life? A hard time? A time that you struggled to make ends meet or a time that you struggled to overcome something?  If you are doing better now, have you forgotten what you went through and now look down on others to feel better about yourself?  

I hope not. But we can all look honestly at how we view others.  

We can all make improvements. And often, we don’t realize how we are treating others without reflection.

Where you sit in life is important. You may have worked hard to get to where you are and you should be proud. But feeling good about yourself does not authorize you to treat others less.  I know that I can work on this too.  Sometimes I forget that I was young like Fruitycake.

Sometimes I forget he has a lot to learn and that it took me many years to be where I am now.  We call can work on ourselves. We can all look at where we sit.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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