Goodbye To You And You And You. And You. You Too.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Yesterday, we left that Virginia place. It’s been some of the best fun we have had in so long! We went on so many hikes and looked up at so many mountains. We had so much good weather and sunshiney and so much green grass.

But as in every place and every state we visit, some residents just aren’t so welcoming. Some residents are overbearing. Some residents are all for themselves. So to them, we bid goodbye. To you. And you. And you. And a million fleas on top of that. Bye. Bye.

Literally. Fleas! As much as that Virginia loved us and we loved it, we didn’t love two baths a day. Essential oils I can leave for another day which I hope I never meet, and having our sheets and towels washed every day. Girl Person says when you don’t use chemicals it is hard. But we want to be around for as long as we can. Even if it’s more work. The problem is, getting rid of things like fleas would seem to be right. But are there any good points to fleas? I wondered. And Girl Person told me yes. As usual, her explanations were riveting.

Fleas help decompose nonliving things. They also enrich the soil.

You see, every bug and animal in nature has a purpose. We have to have love. Even for fleas.

But things become out of balance. It’s a fight to live in harmony with things out of balance. So we do our best to show respect while keeping healthy. It’s hard. Real hard.

The biggest problem is when persons think everything is about them. It’s not. Just because a flea does things you don’t want it to, in a balanced earth, it would serve its purpose. We have to recognize that. Give value to that. When one bug or animal disappears entirely, it makes other problems.

The fleas made me think of persons making their lives better. They try to be better but maybe they associate with others who don’t support them being better or their best. It doesn’t mean they are bad persons. Just maybe not good for them. So sometimes it is time to move on like we did yesterday.

It’s was fun Virginia. But no need for a postcard or a fleacard. We will keep you in our memory. That’s the best place for now.

Oh. And before I forget.

You. Are. All. Arrested.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Operation Sugar Pretzel

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some days are harder than others. Some weeks are harder than others. At least that’s what the persons tell me.

As you probably know, when we got to camp here in this Virginia place, another camper told us about a cat with no home who was hungry. He was feeding her and petting her. But he left the campground.

And Sugar Pretzel…because we named her right away…well, she went to another campsite. And they nicely fed her and called her “kitty kitty”. And she was very happy. But they couldn’t keep her, and we were going to leave. We leave today. And so we looked and looked for a rescue to help us. Even though the persons strongly considered making her a third family member. Who doesn’t love pretzels? With sugar?

But the facts are the facts. At least that’s what Sheriff Brickle says. He said that me and him require more care and time. He said we didn’t have a house without wheels right now. And he said that my breakfast and dinner would be smaller. And well. I’m not down with that. Or up with that.

So after being turned away by so many places who had no room for one more cat, it looked like Sugar Pretzel had to come with us until we could find help. I was already trying to eat extra to prepare for hibernation.

But then at the last minute, a rescue said they would come and help Sugar Pretzel. But it wasn’t going to happen without some drama. She would not be easy to catch.

When your name is Sugar Pretzel, you are destined to be a star and dramatic and demanding.

So as the nice campers feeding her tried to lure her into their RV with treats, they got her in. But then she started scratching their door and that was that. She was out and off. Girl Person said she stayed up all night worrying and hoping she was doing the right thing for Sugar Pretzel. Did she want to be free like a bird?

But when the nice lady at the rescue came, she was patient. There was food. And Operation Sugar Pretzel was a success! A big success! Although she was mad about it. Dramatic.

Everyone was happy that Sugar Pretzel had a chance to go live where she wanted to. Maybe a barn or a house. Maybe she would be on TV sometime down the road. But now she has that chance. Doesn’t everyone deserve a chance?

Although we couldn’t keep her, we know she will be happy. So many times, we think the only way we can help animals is to adopt them all. But sometimes, helping means finding the right rescue or shelter, even if you are turned away many times. Don’t give up.

Sugar Pretzel matters. You matter. If you need help in some way to live your best life, ask. Find help and don’t give up. We can only help others if we help ourselves. And don’t worry. My dinner will not be smaller. Sorry, Sugar Pretzel. But I have a big appetite. And Brickle has a big attitude. Go live your best life! Enjoy your new penthouse suite until you get your forever home.

We will be waiting to see where you end up forever.

We leave this Virginia place today! Where are we headed? Stay tuned to clues on our Facebook page!

Deputy Digby Pancake

Thank you to For The Cat’s Sake in Flint Hill, Virginia. Find out more about them at