The Path To The Cave

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Do you feel like you travel the same path over and over again? You go to the same grocery store.

Maybe you take the same way to work each day. Over and over and over.

Well. We used to do the same walks around the neighborhood.

We used to go to the same places. And it was definitely ok. But now that we’ve been traveling so long, sometimes we don’t even want to do the same hike twice. Even if that hike is in a new state each week. Yep. I am admitting it. Yes. Me and Brickle give Girl Person attitude about it.

Girl Person says we need to be thankful for new places and appreciate them. She also said that the truth is, even if we had to take the same path everyday, there would always be something new to see. And to learn. I know that. But this weekend, after being stuck in the rain for days, we were disagreeing. We didn’t want to keep on this same trail. We had been on it twice. Twice!

Girl Person said that even though we were being ridiculous, we would be happy to know that if we walked just a little bit further, there was something we had not reached yet. There was a cave. A cave.

Well. I don’t know if I thought it was worth it. It was cold and muddy and I highly doubted that I would find any pancakes in a cave.

Plus, I heard bears might be sleeping in there!

And yet, Girl Person seemed happy about it. So it made us happy about it. She said we would have to be careful. And smart. And so we walked. And we walked. And we walked. Then we had to climb and climb and climb.

When we finally reached the cave, there was a sign though. It said that we couldn’t really go in it. They had to protect the bats in there. I’ve never met a bat. But they love caves. Girl Person said the problem was that when persons go to other caves, they can bring in problems to new caves. So we could only go in so far. And that was fine by me. I didn’t need to make breakfast late.

Brickle and I wondered if the path to the cave had really been worth the effort when we couldn’t go all the way inside. But we knew that it was. The path there made us feel accomplished. It made us work for a goal. And even though it wasn’t what we thought exactly, we still appreciated it for what it was. And how it made us better.

Persons may be scared of going into their own caves. No. Not real caves. But maybe they wish they could explore a new way of life.

They want a transformation. Like a new job. A new place to live. A new way of being better. But they are scared of the unknown. They don’t know if the effort of going down that path is worth it. And you know what? It might not work out. But we can either explore new possibilities. Or keep going round and round.

Familiarity may be comforting. But does it make you better? That’s something to ask. Travel may be hard. Exploring new places or situations can definitely be hard. But if we are better for it, even when things don’t work out as planned, it’s worth it. You’re worth it.

So find your cave. You know what path to take. Know that if you try, your effort will be rewarded. And even if you’ve tried before, try again. Because even when a path is muddy from past rain, you may have to be more careful. But it’s possible to reach your cave.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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Depressed Determination

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve done a lot of the talking this week. Pretty much, because I’ve had nothing better to do. Rain, rain. Rain. Cold, cold. Cold.

It’s been a mess. Partly due to our vacuum breaking.

Also, stress has been partly due to the stress of RV problems. And partly due to how we were handling it all. When I say we, I mean Girl Person. But I didn’t want to sound so blunt. But. It’s the dern truth. And apparently there were a lot of parts that went into the stress with no party. Unless you count the leaks in here. Then we could have a pool party.

If you know Girl Person, you know her friend the Depression Monster. It loves to show up on rainy days especially.

It loves cold days too. It loves days when our schedule gets thrown off. Or days that we have to stay inside. It loooves those days. Sometimes, Girl Person can handle it for a day. But not this week. She kept saying she wanted to take a bath. She wanted chocolate cake. She wanted a vacation.

And well, Boy Person was working, trying to find tires for the Big Blue Treat Wagon, and everyone had their paws tied. All we could do was show our happy side for Girl Person. Act like nothing was a big deal. And pretty much wait out the storm and wait for the Depression Monster to get out of here. But it was too cold out there for his liking.

Nothing was making Girl Person feel better. And she told us that it wasn’t our fault. She would get thru the storm again. We hiked with her in the rain.

We tried to cheer her up with meeting new friends on the trails.

But nothing worked. Although Girl Person was determined to not be sad, she was sad. She tried to talk herself out of it. Reason with herself. And well. She was still sad. We didn’t know what to do.

What makes some individuals weather a storm with a smile? Like Digby? Like the horse?

What makes some not use their umbrella in a storm?

I suppose it’s like not feeling good. Some of us get a cold, some of us get the flu. Some don’t. We each have our own imperfections. And it’s easy to give in. To not try. I told Girl Person it was good she tried to hike and meet new friends. Because it kept her mind off the Depression Monster. And although she couldn’t make it leave completely, she was determined. And at least it was halfway out the door until I kicked it out.

The Depression Monster can get different folks in different places. It doesn’t need a reason. Or a season. It can get you on a beach. It can get you in the snow. When you’ve had it in your life so long, it may seem normal to be sad. But it’s not.

You deserve better. You deserve sunshiney in the winter time. You have to recognize it. Fight it.

It’s up to you to learn how to fight it and keep those things close by when you need them. Because we need you. We need your determination to feel better. Even if it’s a depressed determination. It counts.

We tell you about our days because we want you to know travel doesn’t cure all. We can’t drive away from ourselves.

We can help each other keep going like Boy Person helped Girl Person with a talk of sorts. Showing her we had it all. Digby and I. We are the all. No matter the weather, the place or if we are in an RV that can move.

So as we plan our stay here in the Cumberland Gap, we feel it’s a good place to start getting to higher ground and out of a hole. Take lessons from the places you find yourself in. Listen. And learn. We are.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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