The View Is Yours And Yours Alone

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Fruity is seeing so many new things. And it is quite something to watch him. I have to admit that I’ve seen many places.

So really, watching him is way more enjoyable some days. He makes me laugh. As much as I laugh, that is.

And as we hiked to the top of a mountain this weekend, I had some time to really look out at the view.

The wind was blowing the fog in. And the aid felt so good.

The view would change from cloudy to clear in seconds, and then change back again. It was beautiful. Like me.

But when I turned around, and saw Fruity, I saw that he was enjoying it in his way.

He preferred to climb up on the rocks. He preferred to watch hikers go by. We both had our way of appreciating the view.

Did you ever think of what you see and how you look at it? Do you know that there is absolutely no one else in this world that sees what you do, how you do?

The view you have is yours and yours alone. Are you looking at what you want to? Are you focusing on what you want to?

We all have a limited amount of days to see. To see the world. To see how we fit in the world. To make the world around us better. If your view is not what you want to see, you can’t expect anyone else to change your vantage point. That’s up to you.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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