A Different Way To Smile

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This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Every day is a different chance to learn something new. When I was alone, without a family, I also learned every day. But not all of it was good. Not all of what I learned was something I wanted to remember.

But when you have a family that loves you, things look so different. Families like to see each other enjoy things. But what my family didn’t realize was that I was enjoying certain things…like water…on my own terms.

Not in the way they thought I should.

Brickle likes to go in the water. He loves to cool off his paws.

But I don’t really like my paws wet too much. I do love to look though. I love high views and rocks. I like to watch the rushing water. I enjoy water.

But not how they thought I should.

Girl Person watched me yesterday. I was standing on a rock. Looking and admiring the water. Brickle was in the water. And she didn’t feel the need to ask me to get in the water this time. She realized that maybe the whole point of enjoying something is when you watch someone see it in a different way.

Maybe one day I will want to swim in the water. But maybe I won’t. But my smile will make it known I love it. I don’t need rescuing any more. I need acceptance. I need to be understood.

See each other and watch the smiles. They may not come for the same reason as yours. But the different smiles will make your smile bigger.

Fruitycake The Raccon

One thought on “A Different Way To Smile

  1. Robin Farnell

    Everyone likes different things. Just sit back and take it all in. Happy Friday Brickle and Fruitycake 🙂❤️🐕‍🦺🐾

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