Touching The Sky

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Yesterday, I went to the dog beach here in this Florida place. Fruity and I had such a good time together. I think this friendship we are building is going to help us both. And that feels really good.

Some don’t know that us dogs have hopes every single day. We like to look forward to what the day has in store. And as much as I love the dog beach, I have a secret. You can always have a better day. You can always have a hope that there is even a more favorite place or favorite thing to do. Digby was the perfect example of that.

He had many favorite places and many favorite things to do. There was always that something else to come along that would be a new favorite. He didn’t ever stop looking. How do you feel about that?

Many are content to take what they get in life. And being content is surely special. We all have to be content sometimes to rest and to think and to reflect. But settling for things we have already experienced is not loving yourself. Because life has an abundance and never ending array of favorite things.

Until you actually touch the sky, there is more. And I’ve never known anyone to touch the sky.

What is your favorite thing or favorite place right now? Mine is the beach and the sand and the ocean.

But I don’t only just want to ever visit this beach and this ocean.

No, I want to learn more and experience more in all the places I can go! That is what helps me to not be sad as much about missing Digby. I have to keep busy and to keep learning. I take the new places and imagine how or if it would be his new favorite.

Life is very, very hard. So many have sickness and sadness. If you are one of the fortunate ones to wake up and have a choice on how to spend your day and you have a choice on life decisions, you are so fortunate.

Aim for the sky. Find your new favorite. And don’t ever stop finding another one.

Peanut Butter Brickle

Did you know that we have written this dog blog every weekday thru the eyes of our dogs since 2011? Yes. It’s because we love you and we need you just as much as you need us. Come back every weekday for a new blog! Thanks for being here. 

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One thought on “Touching The Sky

  1. neddie sandlin

    so glad you get to experience everything possible. wish i had the time to do that or could have done that with my boomer dog or my other pups. . i have alot of loss in the last few yrs. husband, 7 yrs in june, my boomer 3 yrs this past january and my son 32 yrs old at the time he passed 3 yrs in september. i work as much as i possibly can to keep the pain away from my mind. i think of digby alot also and pray for all of you brickle, fruitycake and boy and girl person daily. i know and feel your pain always but i keep going the best i can. ivve beem starting to go places and do things with my sister a little at a time now and it feels pretty good but still come home and feel lonely, not alone, lonely. life is what you make of it and you only get one so if you get that chance do everything you can do, wish i could..maybe someday., love you all, miss you digby, fly high sweetness

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