That Day Was A Very Good Day

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How was your day yesterday? What did you do? Mine was pretty good. We went for a hike. Fruitycake was fruity. And we had good food. Some would say it was a very good day.

A day in 2011 with Digby Pancake was also a very good day. We went for a hike too. We went to a dog park in that California place. We had good food. And the day probably seemed like an ordinary day to most. But Digby taught me and is still teaching me that there are no ordinary days.

We all live many days. Well, many by our standards. When you get older, I hear persons say someone had a good run. Like it’s ok they are not there or are not going to be there. They find comfort in that.

But what about all of the days that they wish they had back? I do wish I had that day back with Digby when we were young and had energy. But I also would take any day back we were together.

There are some days you may need to work. Or to shop. But you are alive. Isn’t that amazing to be alive? Don’t take that one gift for granted! If you are reading this, you are alive on this earth. You can watch that flower blowing in the breeze! You can taste that orange! You can feel the water when you take a bath! How glorious! How glorious it is to be alive.

That day with Digby was a very good day all those years ago and so were all the days with Digby. Even when he was sick we were together. I miss him so much. So much. Yet I can feel what I feel and even be thankful for that. That it teaches me to not take time with Fruitycake for granted or my persons.

You are alive. Act like it. Pick out a picture in your mind and analyze it. Aren’t the ordinary days not so ordinary? They are a miracle.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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