It’s Ok To Be Scared

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m going to the Vet Person today. And I’m scared. So many persons tell me not to be scared. Not to worry. And it’s easy to say that. I said it to Digby in the past. And I wish I hadn’t. Because I now think it is ok to be scared.

It is ok to feel what you are feeling. No one should tell you otherwise.

What am I scared about? The smell of the vet office. The talking about me. But I like the part where they ooooh and ahhh over me. That is a good thing.

You see, there are good and bad parts of going to the Vet Person. Bad part? Needles. Good part? Treats. And it’s ok to like the good parts. It’s ok to be scared of the bad parts.

Every emotion has a reason for it. Some emotions make us think extra hard. Some emotions cause us to stop and reason. Some emotions make us appreciate life. Some emotions make us miss certain ones. All emotions have a reason.

And today, I’m a little bit scared. Because of the unknown. So how does being scared help me? It makes me cautious about big decisions that need to be made about this Lump Monster. And it makes me appreciate the ones who will make those decisions.

When we feel emotions, it’s time to step back and ask ourselves why we are feeling them. How can they help us? Don’t let the emotions hurt you. Yes. I’ve been missing Digby and it’s a very strong emotion to be sad. But you know what is helping me? When I realize that I have more love left. More love to give to Fruitycake.

And being sad helps me to realize that so that I can feel the happy.

I’ll fill you in on my appointment later today. Thank you for your love. That’s a very good emotion to feel. And I feel it.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “It’s Ok To Be Scared

  1. Missy

    Brickle, you’ve got this. The persons love you so much. I know this is hard for them, too. They love you so much. WE love you so much. Sending you, girl person and boy person so much love.

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