Fishy Fishcakes

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. There sure are a lot of things that happen in the world that I had no idea about. Persons and their furkids do things together and have fun. They have good food and they talk nice to each other. There is a whole other world outside the shelter jail.

But as good as everything seems to be, it’s also different. And new. And scary. I never know what’s going to happen each day or who I will meet. I’m on edge. I forget I’m not fighting for my life out there. And everything seems as fishy as those fishcakes that Girl Person gave me and Brickle for breakfast yesterday.

Those fishcakes were good. Real good.

But I didn’t know what they were. And all these experiences may be good that I’m supposed to like. But I don’t fully trust the world yet. I don’t know when to let my guard down. Persons look at me barking like they don’t get it. And they can’t get it. They didn’t live my life.

I wonder if persons know this about other persons. They may wonder why someone seems tough or sad. But the first thing they do is judge instead of trying to understand. They don’t ask. They just think they know.

The world can be scary to different ones for different reasons. No one has walked in my paws. And I wouldn’t want them to. But extend kindness to someone that may seem to be strong. Extend kindness to someone who seems rushed. Or mad. Or sad. Ask them if they are ok. And then listen.

Fishy fishcakes may be delicious. But I didn’t know that until I tried.

You may seem out of place from the rest of the world when you extend a caring hand. But don’t let that stop you. Take a bite of that fishy fishcake and smile at someone who needs it. Like me.


The last week has been an adjustment for Fruitycake in his new home. And the last week has been an adjustment for Brickle too! #ad
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