One To Five Years Old?

This is Brickle. Persons are all about knowing ages of individuals. They celebrate ages. They get sad over ages. They lie about their ages. They’ve done this for ages.

Dogs like me and Fruitycake may be different ages. But no one really knows how different.

First the shelter told us Fruitycake was one year and one month old.

Then, when we went to pick him up, they told us he was five years old. Now. That is a big difference. That’s a lot of math gone wrong.

But why does his age matter? Why does my age matter? I guess Girl Person says so that they know how to train him and what to feed him. But I say, isn’t working to find out his personality worth more than his age? Yes. It’s work. But it’s work with a purpose. Not many persons can say that they do that.

So as we try to figure out why Fruity keeps barking and why he is mad at other dogs so much, maybe we will figure out some things he has been thru.

Maybe we can all work together to make him more fruity sweet and not fruity tart.

Do you focus so much on age? Why? Do you feel less worth than someone else who is younger in years? That’s math that doesn’t make sense.

Your value grows with age. But age is also not an excuse to stop trying. Just like Fruitycake whose age is a mystery, let others see your value in actions. Now to work on this barking.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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