The Last Bite

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What do you look forward to most every day? Well, for me, I’ve changed lately. And my appetite for food has really changed too. I find myself looking forward to mealtimes more than ever. But that last bite, well, it doesn’t taste as good as the rest of the bites.

For many, many years, I have had a game of sorts with Digby Pancake at dinner time.

He barked for our meals and reminded Girl Person what time it was.

He scored extra helpings. And yet, he loved dinner so much that he ate twice as fast as me. But the truth was, I liked to wait until he was completely done to even start eating. I know. I know. Not particularly nice when you think about it. But really, I didn’t want to torture him. No. I wanted him to know I cared about him. Because I wanted him to see that no matter how much I loved my dinner, I loved him more. I wanted him to see that I saved him a bite. One bite. Every. Single. Night.

Now, I find myself lingering over that last bite still. Even though it’s been over a month since Digby hasn’t been here. I still want him to have that bite.

I still look for his s dinner stare. I still miss him so much. That last bite just doesn’t taste so good. It’s not so sweet.

What about you? What do you save for others? Sure, we have to take care of ourselves. But we also have a duty to look out for others.

Sometimes we may have to give up something we want to help someone else who has less. Sometimes, it’s plain and simply the right thing to do.

Someone will always have more than us. But someone else will always have less than us. Be the one who gives in both situations.

Things change. Time changes. Time takes the ones we love away. But always take the time and gifts you have right now and wait to see how you can help someone else and show love. Don’t wait to be asked. Save the last bite.

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