Rescue Reflection

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I see so much handsome when I look at my reflection in that mirror thing. Some say that I get better with age. And if they don’t say it, they should.

But when I see my reflection, I’m also seeing who is not there by me. My brother, Digby.

It’s hard to know how to go on lately. One minute, I think Digby would like us to help another dog who needs a family.

The next minute, I wonder if he would think I was trying to replace him. So instead of wondering and going back and forth in my own head, I decided to reflect. I decided to look at my reflection thru a subject that really has defined many years of my life. Rescue. Rescue reflection.

You see, rescue is something that is complicated yet simple. Rescue is hard yet easy. Rescue is wondering who you can’t help while you’re helping who you can. I’m other words, it’s a lot of mixed emotions for a mixed catahoula like me.

What I think is hard for my persons is that they don’t want to “pick” a dog. They feel like when they do that, they are ignoring the others.

But I tried to explain that isn’t the case. When you rescue one animal, you make room for another one to go to that shelter or rescue who needs help.

But here is what’s hard. No one will ever be Digby. No one can ever replace him. But someone can add to his presence with us. Someone can help me remember him. Someone is out there. I just don’t know who that someone is. But I’m ready.

Girl Person says rescue reflection is good for us right now. Knowing that someone out there who needs us is waiting is exciting. But it’s also really, really hard. Every dog reminds me of Digby but no dog is Digby. And I can’t put my sadness on a dog that needs me. That’s not fair either. I can put my happiness on someone else though.

As you can tell, sometimes reflection doesn’t bring forth answers. But it does open your mind and your heart to think about the big picture.

What do you need to reflect on? Have you been waiting to help someone until it’s the perfect time for you? Helping means forgetting what’s convenient. Helping is what Digby did for me every day. He helped me to be better. He helped me to get dinner on time. And he helped me to realize you can love someone so deeply and so purely that you know it’s all been worth it. All. Of. It. I miss you Digby.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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