Live Like Digby Day

This is Girl Person. Thank you for letting me take over the dog blog today. It’s very rare that the dogs don’t do the talking. And although what they have to say is more interesting than anything I could say, writing today’s blog helps me. So, thank you for that.

A year ago today, December 1st, we all lost a big part of our everyday lives. Digby Pancake Johnson, aged 12, passed away in Jacksonville, Florida. That Florida place, as Digby would say.

Digby fought very hard for many years to stay with us. But his body wouldn’t let him stay any longer. It’s been hard to keep his legacy alive since he passed. It’s impossible for me to look at his picture or video and not cry. Sometimes I’m mad. Sometimes I’m sad.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep breathing. So many say it will get easier. I don’t think so. It just gets different. And i have no choice but to adjust.

As much as I want Digby to be here today, he is not. But you are. Brickle is. Fruitycake is. Our family appreciates you. And as we navigate this grief journey together, I want today to be about his LIFE. And I want everyone to know Digby!!! I want the world, yes the world to know that one rescue dog can make a difference. Will you help us celebrate the first Live Like Digby Day?!

Digby was his own person. He had ideas about what he wanted to do, and he lived life to the absolute full. Do you? Digby would want you to.

Do you roll down the windows and blast your favorite song?

More words escape me. The fact is that I wish he was here. We all do.

How can someone be here, for so many years, and then…they are gone?!

If we can keep his memory and his life alive to help more animals get adopted, wouldn’t that be amazing?

So today, we have a few suggestions on how we can each spend the first official Live Like Digby Day!

We want every day to be able to Live Like Digby. And we would love if you could celebrate his life with us on December 1st. Live Like Digby Day is going to be special. In the ways you want to remember him with us.

Live Like Digby Day Suggestions

  1. Make your dog a stack of dog friendly pancakes in honor of Digby!
  2. Take your dog on a new hike! Then stop for ice cream!
  3. Take your dog for a ride and turn on one of Digby’s favorite songs!
  4. Volunteer at your local rescue or shelter
  5. Make a donation to a local shelter or the Live Like Digby Fund!
  6. Take supplies to a local rescue in need.
  7. Adopt a new rescue!

Really, the possibilities are endless. Just like Digby felt the possibilities for happiness were.

Remember to use #LiveLikeDigby day hashtag on your posts today so we see them!

Digby will never be forgotten. Our grief will never fade. Because when someone like Digby is missing from your life, there is always a hole.

More words fail me now. But the depth of my love is endless. I am so appreciation of Boy Person, Brickle and Fruitycake for keeping me here. And I am honored to have been a part of Digby’s life. I am honored he chose to stay with us. I am honored to have been loved by my baby boy. Take no day for granted. Live Like Digby today. And every day.