Sleep Walking

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Are you going thru something right now?  I want to know.  Because the more I watch persons dealing with things, the more I want to help them.  But they just keep sleep walking.

Sleep walking? That’s what Girl Person and Boy Person seem to be doing lately.  Since Digby Pancake got sick last Thursday, they really have been sad.  Slow.  Not talking.  Not doing anything but worrying.  They might as well be asleep.  Because they aren’t acting like they are awake.

Sure.  I know this is hard. This is so hard.  I haven’t been able to sleep at all.  To get Girl Person’s attention, I pretend that I have to go out a few times during the night.  I want her to see me.  I want her to see that I am feeling it too.  That is the way I let out my worry.  

Do you let out your worry or do you keep carrying it around? Pretty soon, you will be sleep walking too.  You have to let out the words.  If you don’t want to say them to everyone, pick one person to say it to.  

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Getting out your biggest worry and fear is hard to do.  You may not even want to acknowledge it yourself.  

But you cannot deal with what you don’t acknowledge.  

Although Digby is getting better a little bit every day, and eating a few bites more, the truth is, he probably will not be as fast or as strong as he once was.  

Things have changed.  Things are different.  But not acknowledging what is happening does not make it go away. 

If we want to help him to the best of our abilities, we have to be stronger than our worry.  We have to let our love for Digby walk with us.  And not sleep walk.  

If we can do it, oh, you can do it too.  Tell someone today what you have been afraid to say.  And start walking with hope to make things better.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

Things have changed with our plans for visiting Celestial Farms in Jacksonville, Florida.  To give Digby a bit more time to rest, we will be going to the farm on the 29th.  That means we still have plenty of time to fundraise for them too.  You can help this farm that helps rescued animals here

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  1. Susan Beth

    Brick’s you are so so wise about everything my guess is that is because you are so handsome

    And I always loved that song sleep walk

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