Slow Is Not Scary

This is Digby Pancake. There are a lot of things to be scared of. A pancake shortage.

A night without my blankie.

I’m even scared of the day when Brickle isn’t in a bad mood.

But what I’m not scared of is being slow. I don’t know who Shirley is, but she is slowly but surely all of the time. So it must be ok to be slow.

I get so many comments lately. And I do wonder why persons feel the need to state the obvious all of the time. Instead of people telling Girl Person lately “who’s walking who”, she gets, “I see you going a little slow”. Well. News. I have reasons I’m slow. I’ve walked more miles than a plate has pancakes.

Instead of being embarrassed to be slow, why not be proud of trying?

It is easier not to. It’s easier to stay still and hide what I’m insecure about. But I won’t do that for anyone.

Because I love life and I love myself more.

I’m not slow in my head. I’m just at the right tempo.

Persons may say things they don’t realize bring you down. We all are guilty of that. But try to be an encouragement. Try saying a job well done. Try a smile. A kind gesture. Sometimes it’s kind to be quiet.

Slow isn’t scary when you realize how much you can see and look at.

Slow isn’t scary when you have a little more time to think about all of the wonderful things waiting for you. Because they will be waiting. No matter what time you get there.

Digby Pancake

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