Rain In My Shoes

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Some days sure try to get you down.

Some days you search for the happy. But all you get is rain in your squeaky shoes. I don’t wear shoes. But if I did, yesterday, they would have definitely been squeaking.

Digby is still on the mend.

It’s gonna be a little while. And while we were trying to rest yesterday, the rain started pouring down. My bad mood was starting to get even badder. I should have sent it to timeout.

Some days, you try and try to see the positive in the not so positive. And although you try, it’s hard. So maybe the trick is taking off your shoes. And just getting all wet so that you can shower and dry off.

There are many things to bring us down and get us sad if that is what we concentrate on.

Just like choosing to eat something you like over something you don’t should be how we look at what we take in to our thoughts.

You are worth more than the problems you face. Your problems don’t define you.

It’s how you look at what is causing the rain to know how to face it. And you can do it.

If Digby can do it, you can too. Keep sending him good vibes and thoughts. Rain doesn’t just fall on one person in a family.

It’s felt by all.

Peanut Butter Brickle


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