No Storm Can Last Forever

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I learned a lot as a stray dog. And one of those things was that anything can change from minute to minute.

One moment, when I was alone, I would feel scared. Then I would find a safe place. But no feeling ever lasted long.

Weather especially changed fast in that Florida place I was at. Just when you thought it would never stop raining, the sun came out brighter than ever.

I learned that no storm, no matter how strong, can last forever. And just when I thought I would always be alone, that storm in my life ended when I got a family.

So yesterday when we were driving to that Georgia place in all the rain and the cold and our dinner was late, and traffic was bad, it didn’t bother me so bad. A storm is a storm. We were together in the storm. We knew eventually dinner would come. And bed time by the fireplace. We just had to endure.

When we go through bad times in our lives, it teaches us that the little problems are truly little. If you’re going thru something now, know that the storm will eventually end. And you are stronger than you know. You are stronger and mightier than any storm.

We know cold weather is on the way for many, many places. So be prepared. Be safe.

And know that this too will pass. If I can make it out of a shelter with over 600 dogs, you can weather your storm too.

Fruitycake The Raccoon