In A Pickle

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you like your pickles sour or sweet? I like no pickles at all. That’s right.

But Girl Person loves, loves pickles. She says she could eat them every day. She’s says she could eat them at every meal.

But yesterday, when she was doing a little shopping, she noticed that her money stuff wasn’t going as far as it used to at the store. Yep. She was in a pickle because her pickles were too expensive. Like a lot of other things.

So instead of being sad, she thought about it. How could she fix this pickle she was in? She sure wasn’t going to magically have more of that money stuff people try to get.

So she thought some more. Since we are taking a break this month from moving our RV, maybe she could buy some inexpensive stuff to make her own pickles! She could save money and have more pickles. I’m fact…why hadn’t she thought of this before?

Maybe she thought she wasn’t capable to make good pickles. Maybe she didn’t want to put forth that extra effort to make pickles.

Maybe she thought there was more important things to do and to work on.

But none of this was true.

We make time for the important things. And the fact is, if you have to work more to afford less pickles and you don’t make them yourself, you’re losing time by working to pay for them. I’d rather have the fun and make the pickles.

Digby hasn’t been feeling well this week. And it’s forced the family to stay put. No. Being sick isn’t as fun as traveling for sure. But there’s always a bright side to everything. If you search for it.

Make your own pickles today.

It’s not making due. It doing something yourself. It’s knowing you can. It’s being resourceful with your time to preserve the time for what’s important.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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