The Wind That Brought You Back

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Wind is a funny thing. It can feel good when it hits your face. It can hurt when it’s cold outside. And it can also guide you to return. If you let it.

It hasn’t been very exciting here lately. When Digby gets sick, it can last for a little bit. And we have to be patient with him. We have to let him rest and recover. So that his good health comes back.

But as we were relaxing and recovering yesterday, Girl Person was outside. We had just finished our breakfast. And she felt something fly by. She could not believe her eyes. It was a butterfly that looked just like Lemon Wedge.

But how could it be? Was it possible? Had Lemon Wedge came back?

Girl Person put out her hands. And the butterfly landed right in them. Right. In. Her. Hands.

She looked down. She looked at the wings. It was Lemon Wedge. There was no mistaking it. She felt all kinds of emotions. How was this happening?

She called for Boy Person and told him he would not believe it. She opened her hands and he was speechless. It was Lemon Wedge. Lemon Wedge had rode a wind right back to the RV. It was a miracle of all miracles.

And just as quick as she said hello, she flew off on another wind. Looking very crooked in her flight. But she was flying!

The wind around us seemed to change too. If a butterfly as hurt as Lemon Wedge could fly again and appreciate our kindness, what other miracles were we missing?

Life isn’t complicated. It’s as simple as we make it to be.

What are you waiting to go back to? Who are you waiting to go back to? We all make mistakes and get hurt. Sometimes we may have even hurt someone else. But have we apologized? Can we make amends? Can we ride a wind back to where we need to go?

Value yourself enough to try.

Oh, Lemon Wedge. We are so happy you came back. I feel now anything is possible with love.

Peanut Butter Brickle

Last week, we were priviledged to travel to Waverly, Tennessee to help this community after recent catostrophic flooding. Good Sam sent us along with @shawnparrsatc to deliver supplies and also work to help clean out homes affected in order to start the rebuilding process. There is so, so much work left to be done and we cannot forget about the victims here. They need help. After watching this video, you will understand more.

Because even after the area is cleaned, people who have lost their jobs will need gas to get back to work. They are asking for monetary donations and gas cards now as their primary need. The animals shelters here including the Humphreys County Humane Society and the Animalshelter Waverly need monetary donations as well.

You may donate to our fundraiser for animals at (Link in bio)

To make a monetary donation online, go to

To mail gas gift cards or monetary donations, send to First Bank, Humphreys County Fund, 416 West Main Street, Waverly, TN 37185.

Volunteers are still needed to assist residents affected by the floods.
Call (931) 888-8011, or (931) 888-8012 to register. Walk-ups are are also welcome at the vacant store next to the Dollar Tree at 515 W. Main St.

Thank you to Good Sam who encourages us all to Be Good. Do Good.

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