It’s My Last Chance To Fly. I Want To Fly

This is Digby Pancake. It’s probably surprising to you that I’m writing the blog today, since I was feeling so awful yesterday. I sure hate getting sick. I sure hate pain. I sure hate not smiling.

When I woke up, I thought it was going to be a sunshiney day. We took our rescue butterfly, Lemon Wedge, outside so that she could get some fresh air. She looked different than the night before. Her body was thinner. Her wings were thinner. Boy Person shook his head and said this was probably the last day we would have Lemon Wedge. He said not to be sad.

He said we would stay with her all day and make sure she was as happy as she could be.

So we took her to the sun. She fluttered her wings. She looked up at us. And the persons walked away for a moment. And in that moment? Lemon Wedge looked up at the sky. She felt the breeze. And she thought to herself this was her chance. It was now or never.


She would either ride the wind once last time and one last day and take her chance.

Or she would play it safe and lay on her side. She would enjoy what she could. But she wouldn’t be living. She wanted to take that chance. It was her last chance to fly. She wanted to fly.

And as Boy Person looked up, he saw something. A butterfly that flew past him. And he thought it sure looked like Lemon Wedge. And when he got back to her cage, he gasped. She was gone. He couldn’t believe it. But I did. Especially later that day.

You see, as the day went on I felt bad. I was sick. I was tired. I was in pain. Girl Person laid on the floor with me and gave me my medicine. We cried together. And she told me she needed me. And the truth was, I needed to hear that. I want to live more than anyone. But it’s nice to know someone else wants you around too.

I thought about Lemon Wedge the butterfly. She wanted to live. Life wasn’t perfect for her with a missing leg and with a broken wing. But she still had the determination to live. To fly. I wanted to live. I want to live everyday. And so, instead of focusing on my pain, I asked to go outside. And even though I laid down, I could still feel the sunshine and the wind. I felt Lemon Wedge’s encouragement. I wasn’t ready to give up. Because if it’s possible to fly with a broken wing, I knew I could do it too.

We don’t know how old Lemon Wedge was and where she was at in her life cycle of just days. We do know she appreciated life. And although we didn’t get to say goodbye, maybe it’s better that way.

You may be alive. But are you living? Are you comfortable but not fulfilled?

You may have scars. You may have bad memories. You may have every reason to not fly. But you owe it to yourself to spread your wings.

We will miss Lemon Wedge. But she taught us so much in just three days. Learn from her. Take her lessons to your heart.

Digby Pancake

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