Cooper’s Perspective

This is Digby Pancake. What are you looking at? Right now? Are you really looking?

We had a wonderful visit with the senior puppies at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary this weekend. Even though we’ve been to many, many shelters, every one is special to us.

Every dog is special to us.

And we never forget the lessons a dog like Cooper can teach us so quickly.

Cooper is one of the senior puppies that came to our ice cream party. He hasn’t had an easy time lately. In fact, he lost an eye. He had surgery. And he just wasn’t feeling the best. But even though he wasn’t feeling his best ever, he felt like this was one of his best days ever.

Because there were nice people and ice cream and loving words and conversation. He took in all around him, even though the cone he was wearing didn’t physically let him see much out of one eye.

You could say that Cooper’s visual perspective was limiting. But Cooper’s happiness perspective was just perfect. Because he happily and patiently licked his ice cream as his caretakers talked all about what a good boy he was. They told us all about his personality and loving spirit. And he thought those words were just as sweet as the ice cream.

What makes some individuals smile thru pain or adversity and what makes others give in to only seeing the pain and adversity? I don’t know. I suppose that Cooper must know a secret. Or maybe it’s that his perspective isn’t based on limited vision. It’s seeing the limitless good and wonderful things around us.

If you think a rescue or a shelter isn’t the perfect place to be, don’t tell Cooper. Because here, he has it all.

Even though he can’t physically see it all. Don’t let others bring you down with negativity. If you feel happy no matter your age or circumstances, be happy! Be like Cooper and show others that perspective is a choice.

Digby Pancake

A big thank you to the kind people at Waggle. They donated four Pet Temperature Monitors to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary!

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We will be telling you and sharing with you more about our visit with Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and we will have a new story for you each day! This visit was made possible by Good Sam and Camping World. Good Sam supports our efforts to give back. Learn more about how they encourage everyone to #BeGoodDoGood here!

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