Love For Ms. Peggy

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. For many years, I have loved myself. Twelve years, in fact. My love for myself is without bounds.

But not all dogs or people love themselves like me except a select few. 

So when we visited the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary last weekend, I wanted to make sure that the dogs and people there knew we loved them. Because I was pretty sure they needed to hear it. Especially Ms. Peggy.

Ms. Peggy was found as a stray. And when she was rescued by the good people at the shelter, she wondered if they were going to leave her too. No matter what they said or did for her, that fear was always there. She didn’t have any confidence.

But as Ms. Peggy came to get her ice cream at our party, I noticed something. Yes, she really loved that ice cream. But there was something else she loved more. Being in the company of others. Being noticed. Being seen. Being a part of things.

Because as she finished her ice cream and it was another dog’s turn to come outside, she refused to leave. She didn’t want to go. She needed more love. There was never enough love for Ms. Peggy. So everyone stopped what they were doing to give her that love. They recognized what she truly needed that minute. And even though she still didn’t want to leave after the love, it was enough to get her thru that day. Oh, Ms. Peggy. You sure did teach us something that day.

We may find that others need validation from us. Or reassurance. Or more love than we are used to showing. At first, we may wonder why they appear so needy. We may feel like it makes us uncomfortable to give them that reassurance because it’s hard for us to show our feelings. But we never know what someone has been thru.

We never know what a kind word or conversation can do for that individual. Even if we only know them briefly. Maybe you’ve had that one individual who was there for you or believed in you. And that person changed your life! Can you imagine how much you can help someone like Ms. Peggy to remember her worth?

Individuals we meet in our lifetime all add up to shaping us. Be a love giver to someone like Ms. Peggy just like someone has shown love to you. Pass it on. Go out of your way! In every way!

Peanut Butter Brickle

We want to thank our wonderful friends at 4Legz for donating OVER 100 bags of dog treats to the senior pups at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary!

We will be telling you and sharing with you more about our visit with Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and we will have a new story for you each day! This visit was made possible by Good Sam and Camping World. Good Sam supports our efforts to give back. Learn more about how they encourage everyone to #BeGoodDoGood here!

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