Like A Warm Tortilla

This is Digby Pancake. What makes you feel all warm inside? Good inside? What makes you feel like you?

The persons made a lazy brunch yesterday. With potatoes and vegetables and warm tortillas. When you make a lazy brunch, it’s ok to take your eating slow. It’s ok to savor all the bites. It’s ok to feel all warm inside. Good inside. Like you should feel.

I bet there were some things this week that happened that made you feel not warm inside. Girl Person had some of those days. So did her poison oak. But when she tried to concentrate on the warm tortillas, she realized that all that other stuff was just meant to be forgotten while she had the warm tortillas.

So many problems can take our joy. We may forget when we are going thru those problems that there will come another day when joy will wrap us up again in a tortilla blanket.

So if you’re going thru problems or sadness, force yourself to savor one special moment. Grab a warm tortilla and feel like you again. Sometimes it takes a moment of happy to strengthen us to face what we need to.

We will be in this Temecula. California place until Monday. Then we are headed north to another area in California. Stay tuned!

Digby Pancake

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