Dirty Dishes

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Girl Person told me this weekend that if someone would have told her that she would spend half of her adult life cleaning up the kitchen, she wouldn’t have believed them.  

But there she is. Day. Night. Doing the dishes. Drying the dishes. Putting away the dishes. Then cooking all over again.

And although she loves to cook for Digby and I and even Boy Person, she said sometimes she wants the dirty dishes to just disappear. Poof! Like magic.

But I wondered that if that happened, what would everyone eat off of? Sure, Digby would eat off of the floor. Or dirt.

Would she be ok with that though?

Seems to me that persons complain even about the things that they love to do, because even the things that they love to do come with things they don’t want to do.

Would she stop going to the farmers markets and not buy all that good stuff just because she had to wash dirty dishes after? No way.  She would never give that up.

Persons have to decide if those things…the good…and the not so good put together are worth it.

Nothing in our lives will be perfect except when you are looking at a picture of me.


So persons have to learn to take the good with the bad.  The bad with the good.

When you concentrate on the end result, and push thru what you think that you can’t, what you love will be even sweeter.

Just like dirty dishes, sometimes we have to clean up our complaining attitude.  Get the job done. Enjoy the rewards. You’ll do that thing if it’s really worth it to you.  If it isn’t…you just won’t.

We are back on the road today to Arroyo Grande, California. We won’t be staying at a campground, but we will be staying on a property by a creek! Stay tuned for updates throughout the day!

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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