This Is Your Big Debut

This is Digby Pancake. All of you have so much love. Thank you for your get well wishes. I have been feeling under the weather for a few days. But when the sunshiney came out yesterday, I felt like the curtains were lifted.

Have you ever wondered if you are past your prime? I have. Some days aren’t as easy as others. But one thing I have come to know is that everyday is a new beginning. And every day is a new show.

Every day is a chance for another act. But not only that.

You have a chance and I have a chance to make a debut each and every day!

There is someone who has never met us. There is someone who has never talked to us. There is someone who doesn’t know your history. Your family. Your faults. What do you do with that privilege? What can you do with that opportunity?

It’s hard to put on a show when you are faking it to the world. But when you make a debut, it’s a fresh start. A brand new act. But it is truly up to you.

We are our own worst critics. We are harder on ourselves than anyone.

So don’t listen to those negative thoughts. Don’t listen to fear. Don’t listen to doubt. Make a debut. To everyone. And eventually your act will be so good, you’ll forget your own reviews.

Digby Pancake

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