Some See A Weed. Some See A Wish.

This is Digby Pancake.  When you wish upon a star, I know it makes no difference who you are. Because when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.  Right?

But what happens when you pass by others things in your life that are like magic too? What happens when the little things you ignore every day ARE the magic?  

Your heart is missing out.  Your wish is wasted.  Just because it looks ordinary.

When Girl Person was little, her mom used to pick up dandelions and blow on them.  Then, she would make a wish!  Simple as that.

But after all of these years, Girl Person forgot about the magical dandelions.  

Girl Person forgot about the wishes.  Girl Person didn’t even remember what it was called when she saw one.  In fact, she said she couldn’t remember what the weed was called.  Weed?

Did you know there is no such thing as a weed?  I am serious.  A weed is what persons call flowers when they don’t like where they are growing.  They seem to always make everything about them.  And they forget that what they try to control removes not only what they don’t want.

 But what they try to control disappears. And so does the magic.

Some persons see a weed. And some persons see a wish. What do you see?  Do you notice the bad things in your day more than the good?  Do you complain all of the time?  Those same words of complaining could make a wish.

What have you missed out on?

Your world is yours alone. You choose what to see.  You choose what matters to you.

You choose what you complain about.  Instead of wishing the bad things away that you can’t control, wish for good.  And the good will crowd out the bad.  

Wishes will grow where weeds were, because of you.

-Digby Pancake

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