My Little Spruce Tree

This is Digby Pancake. It’s true. Certain things mean a lot to me. How about you? Lately, I see more.  I feel more.  I hear more. From my heart.

As I get older, there are surprises I find out about myself too. That I like to try new vegetables. I like to try new fruits.  I like to try it all!

I’m surprised that me and Brickle like to cuddle in the morning with Girl Person.


And I’m surprised that a little spruce tree could mean so much to me.

Even though I know it won’t be mine forever.

Here at our friends’ house, it’s been nice to stretch out. So nice that it feels a little bit like home. So nice that I’m starting to get attached to my little spruce tree.

The best back scratcher in this Georgia place.

It is always there for me. It’s there when I get up and go outside first thing in the morning.

Its there for me when we get back from a hike.  Its there for me at snack time.  It is there for me at dinner time.  All of the time.

Sometimes, we try not to get attached to individuals or things because we truly know they won’t be with us forever.  We don’t want to hurt later on.

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But what would I be missing out on while we are here at our friends’ house if I didn’t appreciate the little spruce tree?  And if I didn’t show the little spruce tree how special it is?  What if no one ever shows it how special it is because they are afraid to?

Think of all the individuals in our life we miss.  Family.  Friends.  Animals that were family.  Animals that were friends.  Would we be ok if we thought back and we realized that we ignored them while they were here? No! We just can’t worry about that!

You see, we cannot control how much time we have with the ones we love. Time passes whether we want it to or not.

So don’t be afraid to show them the love they deserve. Learn about them.

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Appreciate all that they have to offer.  Ask them questions.  Listen.  Feel.  Live.  You should only be afraid if you don’t.

-Digby Pancake

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