Drop It All And Go

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. We were pretty down yesterday. Down…not like when you are down a mountain, but down in the dumps.

Girl Person had a lot of work to do. Appointments to keep. Calls to make. Bills to pay. Planning. Lots of planning for some upcoming changes.

But she also knew something felt off. I looked sad. Digby didn’t want to eat breakfast. And that was an emergency.

When Boy Person saw Digby lying under the picnic table, he said how sad he looked. And Girl Person forgot about everything. The world stopped. Nothing else mattered. She had to cheer us up. This had to change.

You see, when you’ve been traveling as much as we have for years, you get kind of used to it. Although rest is good, traveling and hiking gives me and Digby a purpose. Goals. Something to reach. A job.

And we haven’t been doing it very much the last two weeks.

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Although Girl Person knew it would be good for us all to rest a bit, she also was nervous. Nervous that once we stopped, we would be down. And so the only thing she said we could do about it was go up. To climb up. To climb up that mountain. The nearest and highest mountain we could find.

Sometimes, you have to drop everything if something is important enough. And who or what is more important than family? No one. So Girl Person grabbed some water and some snacks and the keys. We took off. We left for that mountain.

You may be tired like us. But have you ever tried to wake up by climbing? By breathing some new air? By seeing something new?

As soon as we got to that trail and to that creek and to that mountain, we got a pep in our step! We were ok!

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And because we were ok, Girl Person was ok. Boy Person was ok. The whole world was ok.

You see, Girl Person says nothing else matters in her world when we are sad. She said that she knows now more than ever that travel is our purpose.

What is your purpose? Are you neglecting yourself and giving up because you are tired? You may be surprised what makes you tired actually makes you feel more alive.

You may be surprised how much you need it if you try it again.

So whatever you think is more important than your purpose today, drop it all. And go! Go to your potential up that mountain!

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