Listen To The Walnut

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Since my name has peanut in it, you would I think that I would only be knowledgeable on peanuts. But I know a few things about walnuts too. I know you should listen to them sometimes. They really have something to say.


Yesterday, we were having a rough day with allergies. All of the persons and animals around this place felt pretty tired.

And Girl Person said her feet felt kind of heavy. She didn’t pick them up as far as she should have on our walk.

All of a sudden, as she was listening to her 70s and 80’s music, she decided to do one of the dances. On a walnut.

Now. You wouldn’t think a walnut could cause such a scene. But if you know Girl Person, you know it did.

Down, down, down she went. With a slip. With a slide. And as the manure truck on the neighboring farm decided to let go of its load right by us, Girl Person knew one thing. You sure can be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Because there is no right time to fall on a walnut.

Isn’t that the case sometimes? We think we know what dangers are out there. We try to not take chances. We are scared to try new things. But what is more dangerous?

One day, you can either be trying out a new hike. Or a new food.

Or traveling to a new place. Or one day, you could be playing it safe. At your own house. And you could fall on a walnut.

I heard what the walnut was saying to us loud and clear. Do you? Our family has some upcoming changes. And really, we could play it safe because we are nervous to do so. But what’s more dangerous? Not trying at all.

Listen to the walnut.


Life is more than what you have it cracked up to be.

Don’t be afraid to slip on a walnut. It’s time slipping away that would be an accident.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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