Digby’s Creek

This is Digby Pancake. What do you love more than life itself? What do you love more than Brickle loves himself?

Pancakes? Yep. Dinner? Yep. Treats? Yep. I love all of that. But I have to admit that putting my paws in a creek may be one of the best experiences of my life. Every time.

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It can be hot and a creek will cool you down. You can be thirsty and have a cool drink.

You can listen to the water and feel relaxed.

And you can wish that the whole world was like a paradise with creeks and waterfalls and green grass with plenty for everyone to eat. Room for us to run. Taste. Smell. A place to be ourselves without fences. Restrictions.

That’s what I wish every time I put my paws in a creek. That’s what I picture.

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Girl Person said that it is quite amazing to watch how much I love creeks. I pick my favorite wherever we go. And here at this Amicalola Falls, Georgia place, I have my favorite. And so we call it Digby’s Creek.

Now, is that its official name? If so, that would be quite a coincidence. But we don’t care. While we are here, it will be Digby’s Creek.

What is your favorite thing? What would you name after you if you could? I would like to hear about your happy place.

Because when we talk about happy things, we smile. When we talk about good things, we feel good. When we give ourselves permission to love something or someone with all of our heart, our hearts sing.

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It’s easy to forget about the good feelings and the good things. Because all we hear is about the bad. But take a moment today to stand in a creek. Take a moment to eat a pancake with lots of maple syrup. Being sad does not solve someone else’s problems for them. Being there does.

By seeing what’s good around us, we bring out the good in ourselves.

Now! Let’s have a treat…in a creek! That. Is. Perfect.

Digby Pancake

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