The Sloth. Is. Arrested.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I don’t keep secrets, so allow me to tell you this right away.   It is hot as the kitchen at IHop (not IHob thanks to me).  It is as hot as a frying pan full of bacon at Granny Person’s house back in the day.  It is as hot as Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.  And all of this hot makes me tired.  It makes me sleepy.  It makes me want to do less than I normally do, which is less than anyone.

After being so hot and so tired, Girl Person thought it best that we take our exercise in shifts.  We get up early and hike a little bit.


Then we come back and eat breakfast.  Sometimes we even have pizza.  Brickle really likes that.

Then we take a nap in the air conditioning which is thankfully still working.  (Keeping my paws crossed).  Then we go back outside, take another walk, get another snack and take another nap.


Now.  Some persons would consider this a luxury… to be me.  And I get that because you have to work at places that maybe you don’t want to work at.  But don’t think for one little moment that I don’t go to work.

Don’t misunderstand the above schedule to mean that I don’t take my job seriously.  Especially when part of your job as Deputy is keeping the trails safe.  From.  Giant Ground Sloths.  Giant Ground Sloth?  You heard me.

It’s probably not something that you would expect to encounter when you are in Savannah, Georgia.  But Girl Person explained to me that one was found here at this park.  Yes, here.  At this park.

And when I heard that, I knew.  If I wanted to keep my title as sloth around here, I had to pawtrol the trails to make sure that there were none of these sloths left here.


It goes without saying, but I will say it, that there are a lot of things to watch out for on the trails in the middle of a summer heatwave in Georgia.  Snakes, alligators, more alligators and Brickle’s less than pleasant attitude which will bite ya.  But I never thought that I would have to look out for a sloth.  Girl Person told me that the Giant Ground Sloth lived here long, long ago.  She said that he did not want our camping spot, and that he did not want my pancakes.  Brickle doesn’t care if he takes his pizza though.  She said that the Giant Ground Sloth they found here at the park probably really liked his time here.  She said that he probably had a family like us and liked to eat treats like us and he liked to go on walks like us.  And I thought about that.

Some things, people and creatures we hear about and we learn about, but do we really think of them as being real?  Or do they seem like fiction to us?  It is easy to not view something as important when we don’t think about what they used to be like and the sad part of them not being here anymore.  Yeah, the Giant Ground Sloth.  He lived here once.  He didn’t even have to buy a Georgia State Parks Pass to get in.  And he was here long before there was even a nearby city of Savannah.

Places that you visit are more than what the guidebooks tell you.  The reality of the past is that animals and people called it home long before it was popular to go there.  When you travel, it is up to you to put down the books that tell you where to go, close your eyes and imagine.  Imagine the ones that were here long ago that others have forgot about to go shopping.  Imagine the ones that were here when no one else was.  Have respect that one day, you may not be here either.  Don’t you want someone to remember you on your favorite part of the earth?


Once upon a time there was a Giant Ground Sloth in Savannah, Georgia.  And once upon a time, there was a Deputy Digby Pancake in Savannah, Georgia.  We both thought we had all the time to be here in the world.  When one day, we will both wish for one more time.  One more time to walk these trails and be a sloth.

Yes, some may not think of the Giant Ground Sloth when they think of Savannah.  Some may not even think of me when they think of pancakes.  But I aim to change all of the above.  After I take a nap.  I will have one eye open though.  You never know if the Giant Ground Sloth is going to come back.

You may wonder.  Why though is the Giant Ground Sloth arrested?  The sloth is arrested for not telling me where his giant pillow was at.  Or his giant bed.  Or his giant breakfast.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Pickin’ And Grinnin’

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. This week has been one for the history books, and not just because we were camped at Fort Pickens near Pensacola Beach, Florida.

However, I would like to leave this week in the history books too. But, we made it thru, and as usual, we learned something from all the twists and turns. I am also sure we will learn more next week with more twists and turns. Am I being negative? Nah, just realistic. That’s what I do. If you don’t like it, well, then You. Are. Arrested.

Deputy Digby? He didn’t worry a lot this week, but he did a pretty good job at what he does, and that is being Digby. Digby. Don’t. Care.

Since we were at Fort Pickens here in this Florida place, he took it literally and made a decision yesterday. He said that as long as everyone else was worrying about the RV, and the Jeep, and Boy Person’s frost bitten nose, he would just handle the pickin’ and a grinnin’ at Fort Pickens.

Instead of contemplation and philosophizing, he takes the route of seeing things for what they are.  I kind of saw this week as a bad one.  But for Deputy Digby, he said that because Boy Person wasn’t feeling good, he just got to be with him more. And that was all he saw.  Not Boy Person’s big, frost bite nose. I saw his nose. Just sayin’.


When bad things happen, sometimes, that is all we see, isn’t it? Deputy Digby said concentrating on only the bad things this week would have made us forget the Fort.


Concentrating on the bad would have made us forget the white sand beaches.


Only seeing the bad would have meant we would have forgotten that at the end of the day, we were still all together despite the bad.


And most of all, for me, only seeing the bad would have made me forget my new friend Piper who headed back to her house in that Arkansas place.  It’s bad that we had to say goodbye.  But I have a feeling that our paths will cross again. And it was real good to meet her and her persons.


As Sheriff, I have barely anything to learn.  But Deputy Digby sometimes does remind me that there are many things to be happy about and appreciate even if the skies seem dark. And cold.


Eventually, the sun has to come out.  And it came out by the end of the week.


We do have choices, and what we pick to see means we can either frown or grin.  Today, we choose to be pickin’ and grinnin’.

There may not be many more hours left to get to Amelia Island.  But for us, for the RV…it seems like a million.  We know we can do it if we try.  Today, we are going to try and make it to Chipley, Florida.  The RV is leaking something again, and Boy Person is going to cover up his face and his nose and try to fix it before we leave.  Will he be grinnin’ about it? We might not be able to see his face, but maybe if he see our smiles and our positivity, it will help.  Actually, I don’t grin.  I will leave that up to the Deputy.

What we pick to see in our day may mean how we see tomorrow.  Choose wisely, my friends.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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