Old Joe The Alligator And The Missed Breakfast

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Digby Pancake agrees with that. However, he also agrees with persons who say that lunch is the most important meal of the day. And yes. He agrees with persons who think dinner is the deal.

So when Girl Person decided yesterday that she would rather go hiking at a state park more than moving our whole house, we decided to put that off for another day. Even though she said our breakfast may be a little late. And we headed to a place called Wakulla Springs State Park in this Florida place.

It didn’t take us very long to get there. But Digby and I were very excited as soon as we got there.

It was a new place.

The weather was freezing for this Florida place, and we had our crazy, breezy attitudes with us.

I wish we would have brought our breakfast with us too.

Because as we hiked, I could tell there was so much to see here. A pretty lodge.

There were boats with glass bottoms that people could ride to see manatees.

And there was an alligator named Old Joe. Old. Joe. Big Old Joe.

Dogs couldn’t go inside the lodge. But that was ok. Because thinking of Old Joe in there kinda made me sad.

Girl Person told us that Old Joe was so big. He was 11 feet long. Some said he was 300 years old! But he never harmed anyone.

Then one day, someone decided they should harm him. For no reason. No reason at all. And it was never found out who did it.

Old Joe’s life was taken away when he was just living. Just existing. And it made me think…who is more dangerous? Persons or animals?

Of course, animals like Old Joe should be respected by giving them their space. Letting them be.

And we have to be cautious because the earth doesn’t operate like it should and makes things out of order. But we should never forget that an alligator inside of a glass case once was happy. We should never forget he isn’t an attraction. He is now a lesson for us. The lesson that danger is in ignorance. And danger is in persons who think they have a right to harm others just because they can.

As we were thinking about Old Joe and admiring the springs and scenery of this Florida place, we realized that we had in fact missed breakfast. And we still had to drive home. The car couldn’t get there fast enough. In fact, we were so slow we missed lunch too. Yet, Digby knows that a foxhound stare can make a late lunch turn into an omelet. If you stare. And howl. And make your point known.

And Girl Person said she wouldn’t let us down. In memory of Old Joe who needed a lot of omelette to stroll thru the water and be the best alligator he could be, we had our eggies at 2 pm. And our dinner at 4 pm. Because we could. Because we wanted to. Learning about Old Joe was worth the wait for breakfast.

If you’re afraid of missing a meal, well, you should be. But don’t let fear keep you from seeing the beauty in all living things. Have you ever thought…they care for you too?

Today, we are headed for some more beach therapy. Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Like Turpentine

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Seems like some weeks just take everything out of you. Maybe your energy is zapped.

Maybe you can’t sleep too good.

Maybe your family comes for a visit. Yeah. We’ve been having way too much fun. Gandma and Gandpa keep showing up everywhere here in Apalachicola, Florida. It’s like they are following us or something.

We decided to take a leisurely hike on an island yesterday called St. George Island in this Florida place.

Although it was very foggy and we couldn’t see much, we still had fun learning.

There is always something to learn, even if you’ve lived in the same place all of your life. You don’t have to look far to find something to learn about.

Because everything is complex. Everything is unique. And so when we saw a sign about turpentine, I asked Girl Person what it was. Never heard of it. Maybe I needed to know.

Girl Person said she really didn’t know what it was either. She said a long time ago she used it when painting. She said sometimes persons use it to make their furniture pretty. But she never thought about where it came from.

Isn’t that the case with so much? We use something and give no thought to how it is made. And we should. Even with turpentine.

I learned that you have to injure a tree and cut it. When that happens, it tries to protect itself.

And out comes a liquid which can be turned into different things, including turpentine.

I have to say. I’ll never use turpentine. I never thought that I wanted to learn about it. And I definitely didn’t think I would learn about it on a Florida place hike.

In a place I’ve hiked so many times.

It made me feel a bit bad for the trees at first. Their pain made something useful for others. How did they feel about it, I wondered.

The simple fact? We don’t know it all. We don’t know how or if the trees feel. But do we respect what they give us? Do we respect what others give us when they go thru pain and use their experience to help others? Can you use your pain to help others?

Like turpentine is useful, so are we. No matter what we have been thru, we can help and inspire someone else. Look around you today. And when you take time to learn about something new, learn more about yourself.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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