The Short Lives

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  How fast do you think time goes by?

Do your days seem to drag on lately?  Does it feel like the same day over and over?

Girl Person said that the other day.  There was nothing exciting going on. We had nothing planned particularly exciting.  And all we did was sit around and look at the woods and the birds. 

Boy Person told her that she should be glad the day seemed long. We only have so many.

And as Girl Person looked over, she saw a green bug on the picnic table.  Just being beautiful.  She told us it was called a Luna Moth.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Luna Moth. No, I am pretty sure I haven’t.  But Girl Person seemed in awe of it. She looked at all its colors. Its patterns.  Its white, furry body.

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Later that day…that still seemed to drag on and on…Girl Person and Boy Person were cooking.

Girl Person looked over and remarked that the Luna Moth was still there.  Boy Person just nodded his head and looked down.  Girl Person knew what that look meant.  He was sad. He said the Luna Moth wasn’t alive.  It had laid there to go to sleep forever.

Girl Person was very sad.  She asked Boy Person how long that they usually lived.  The moth was big, and colorful. She knew that the impact it had on her day was big.  But how big was its lifespan? How long?

Girl Person found out that Luna Moths are not rare. But seeing one IS rare due to their very brief adult lives and because they fly at night.

The persons found out that Luna Moths only live a little while. Life stages are approximately two weeks as eggs, 6–7 weeks as larvae, nine months as pupae, finishing with one week as winged adults They don’t even have a mouth. They will not eat. Their goal is to lay eggs. And then they rest. Like the Luna Moth that visited our campsite.

It made us think. With such a short life, this Luna Moth accomplished many things. It was beautiful, it left new life and it also was our friend. We may think that our lives mean more because we live longer. Or we are bigger. But really, we all have short lives, don’t we?

Do we recognize how short our lives really are? Maybe the Luna Moth was there to remind us.  It was sad to see her fade away. But her lessons never will.  Make your days count. 

Never think our lives are more important or significant than others around us. We don’t know how long our days will be. We don’t know how long days for others are. Give back. Love deep. Make an impact. A short life doesn’t have to mean less. Make it mean more.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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