What’s Really Behind You?

This Peanut Butter Brickle. Persons are always looking for what’s in front of them. They seem to have a one track mind. They are always getting to somewhere. They always have to have a plan. But rarely do they look at what’s behind them.

No. Not the past. In fact, that should be left there.

But what some don’t realize is that we all stand for something. We are standing in front of something that defines our beauty. What’s really behind you?

Some may like fancy cars.

Some may like fancy houses.

Some may like fancy everything.

And while there is nothing wrong at all with any of those things, or having those things, do you put your value in those things?

As we were walking at the campground yesterday, we looked at many beautiful things. Old farm equipment.

And then we saw an old cycle with a sidecar. It was so neat!

Girl Person and Boy Person really liked it too. They wondered if they should get one.

And in fact, they kept trying to take our picture with it. Apparently, they were putting a lot of value in that cycle.

And although it was pretty, but not as pretty as me, I knew that a better picture would not be with a thing. There was a better picture right there.

I looked at the colors of the mountains and the lake. The trees and the water. Oh, it was just wonderful.

So Digby and I stood in front of where we wanted our picture taken. And the persons finally saw it. This was the spot. This scenery behind us what we liked. The smells. The scenery. The feelings we had. Yes, it mattered what was behind us. The motivation for our actions. For who we were. We smiled brighter.

What is behind you? You’re standing in front of something. Something that is taking your energy. Something that is defining who you are.

Think about it. And move to a different spot if you need to.

That’s the only way you can get to the individual you were meant to be.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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