Have A Pickle

This is Digby Pancake. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in my day. I’ve seen the persons go a little crazy certain days. And although crazy can be fun when you are going crazy for pancakes or for dinner, crazy can also be not fun. Like when you are Girl Person and everything you do seems to be going wrong, is wrong, and goes wrong again.

Those computer things seem to be a lot of trouble and cause a lot of trouble. When they work, you persons have too much to do. When they don’t work, it seems like the world comes to a stop.

So what happens when you are Girl Person and all of your computer things aren’t working and you can’t get any help or cell signal to fix it? You go crazy, you take a walk, and then…you get caught in a storm.

After all this time of traveling, it would seem a bit crazy again that we have no umbrella.

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It would seem crazy that the persons don’t recognize the importance of not getting wet when they go try to fix their computer and phone problems. And so if you are Girl Person, you literally throw everything in the air and say forget it. I’m gonna buy some pickles. That’s what Girl Person said.

So she went to the campground store and she bought those pickles she has been eyeing for over a week, but couldn’t bring herself to splurge on.

She finally had to have those bread and butter pickles. By the way, I saw no bread or butter in that jar which would have actually sounded delectable to me.

So as she walked home in the rain with no umbrella and no working computer and no success, she got wetter and wetter. She got more frustrated. She felt like running away. Except where do you go when you have nowhere to run away from?

She got back to the RV all wet. Upset. And as Boy Person asked her a simple question, which I can’t even remember right now, she lost it. She lost all of her uncraziness. She gave in to the crazy and gave up. She sat down all wet.

Boy Person knew just what to do. He grabbed that wet pickle jar. He grabbed her a drink. And he grabbed at every ounce of hope he had to make her feel better. He brought her a pickle on a fork.

And said, “Please. Have a pickle. ”

Did that one pickle make everything better? Did it fix the computer or the phone? Did it make an umbrella appear out of thin air? Sure didn’t. No pickle can do that.

But what it did do was make Girl Person realize that there is nothing more important than the sweet taste of a pickle. Or a pancake. Or a French fry. Or maybe it’s a cupcake. Or a swim in a creek. Or maybe it’s the taste of sunshiney on a cold day.

When you can help someone realize that life still has good things, you’ve given them more than you know.

We all need to be reminded. We all need help to feel better sometimes and to get back to our happy place. Can I get you a pickle? Have a pickle. Have a bite of life.

Digby Pancake

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