Don’t Eat Anything That Glows

This is Digby Pancake. Today, we are leaving one of our favorite state parks yet. Vogel State Park in this Georgia place has been fun, relaxing and inspiring all at the same time.

I think that wherever you roam, each place that you visit should teach you something. Each place should make you better. Each place should give you more understanding of others.

What did Vogel State Park in this Blairsville, Georgia place teach us? That weather in the mountains is unpredictable.

The park taught us that it is possible to move campsites five times in a little over a week because you want to be there.

And the park taught us that you shouldn’t rely on your limited knowledge of mushrooms and foraging. You shouldn’t almost cook them up on a grill. And you shouldn’t eat anything that glows. Perhaps that should be a rule.

Girl Person loves mushrooms. She loves finding mushrooms. It reminds her of our time in that California place where you could take a walk in the woods and find all kinds of mushrooms you could eat.

But Girl Person is a person that doesn’t go into detail. She reads a headline on the news and thinks she understands. So when she found some pretty mushrooms that she thought were called Chanterelles in the woods here, she was really excited!

She told Boy Person all about them and said that she would be getting some to put on the grill with some corn and potatoes.

Boy Person asked her if she thought they were really Chanterelle mushrooms. Was she sure? She needed to be one hundred percent sure. She said she was only ninety nine percent sure. And he told her that she really needed to make sure. A hundred percent sure.

So Girl Person reluctantly started watching videos. More videos. And more videos.

Girl Person kept reading and reading some more. She looked at pictures. She thought about all the information. And then, something struck with her. Something wasn’t a hundred percent. Something was that one percent doubt in her mind. It was where these mushrooms were growing. Not so much how they looked.

She knew she had found them by a dead tree. And she took note of the surrounding kinds of trees. Why was this particular mushroom growing here? How was it growing?

Identification was based on more than looks.

And after awhile. Girl Person reluctantly told Boy Person they were not Chanterelle mushrooms after all. They were a mushroom called a Jack O Lantern. And how would she be absolutely one hundred percent sure? If they glowed at night.

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And Boy Person said yeah. That should be a rule, perhaps. Don’t eat anything that glows.

And when night came, and the glowing mushrooms gave her confirmation it was a good thing they had not grilled up those poison mushrooms, I thought about something. First, should I trust Girl Person cooking my food?

And second, I thought about how persons judge others just on their appearance. They don’t account for how those individuals grew up, where they grew up. What shaped their viewpoints. They don’t try to understand.

But what would happen if we judged others by everything that went into their makeup? Could we perhaps start change based on understanding?

Maybe mushrooms are a start.

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Maybe learning about things and places helps us to learn about each other. It’s a glowing idea.

We are back on the road today! Stay tuned to our Facebook for updates!

Digby Pancake

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