Change Would Do You Good

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Persons use money for a lot of things. Treats for dogs, food for dogs, more treats for dogs. Everything dog. But they also sometimes need that money stuff for other things.

Persons also need money though to buy clothes. And to clean clothes. Most places require pants. Much to Digby and I’s opinion on that.

So when the persons run out of clean clothes to wear, they need to wash them or buy more. And to wash them since we are traveling, we have to use laundry machines. And we need quarters for those machines.

When we travel, we shop at a different grocery store almost every week. Girl Person always asks for change at the stores. And for the last two weeks, well, the stores keep telling her there is a coin shortage. Something else that this Virus Monster is messing with. Our laundry.

So we thought about it. What could we do since we couldn’t find any change? Digby suggested again wearing no pants. I suggested barking at the washing machines until it listened to me and turned on for free. Girl Person wondered if we should wash our clothes in the creek since we were up the creek already.

Boy Person suggested we just ask the campground office. Oh. That was quite a gamble.

And what did the office say? They said to try tomorrow. Their change machine was broke.

So tomorrow came. Girl Person asked again. And this time, she not only received a $5 limit of quarters, but a lecture on why there was a coin shortage, and to make those quarters last.

Seems to me that maybe persons take for granted things that they have, things they can do and when they can do it. And they complain about having to do it. Until they can’t.

Because I’ve never seen Girl Person want to do laundry so bad as when she couldn’t. That $5 worth of quarters will wash two loads. And I would recommend that they try not to get too dirty. Because we aren’t sure when we can get more change.

When our world seems crazy, stressful and hectic, it’s the little things we may forget about.

But all those little conveniences make up for a big part of life. Don’t waste things. Don’t waste resources. Live frugally, more meaningful and with purpose. Change now if you can. It will do you good.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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