If There Were No Fences

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt free? With the wind flowing thru your hair?

Like you’ve just been let out of school for the weekend, or off of work on a Friday? It’s a good, good feeling.

Hopefully we have all had a feeling like that. We’ve enjoyed the farm, and especially the dog park there. Running around feels good, especially with no leashes.

But looking at the animals here at the farm who are also behind fences and will never get out makes me sad. Yes. They’ve been retired from a life of carnivals and circuses. But their fence has only gotten bigger. And they will never truly be free.

Do you miss freedom when you’ve never had it?

I can imagine what the biggest peanut butter cookie in the world would taste like and what it would look like. Even though I’ve never actually saw it. And when the animals behind the fences look at us, they know there is a whole lot more out there, although I know they appreciate the life they have each day.

But their full potential will never be known because of persons interfering.

We have been enjoying camping next to the antelopes at camp.

But last week, we had a sad thing happen at the farm. As the herd of antelopes went thru their days, the male became more and more agitated with two of the females. Now. I am no antelope whisperer.

But something didn’t feel right about what was happening. And so Boy Person went to talk to the farm people who explained they were young and going thru changes. But by the end of the week, both of the females died. Yes. They died.

When Boy Person found out, he knew he had to face the fact that even though we may speak up once for an animal or person, acknowledgement might not be enough. Follow up and follow thru may need to be done. In this case, it was neglect on our part that we had to take the blame for. We have to check up. See if there’s anything we can possibly do. Learn. That’s our responsibility too.

The farm persons weren’t to blame for trying to give them a better life. And you see, the male antelope wasn’t even to blame. He’s not living in normal circumstances. He did not choose to be in that fence.

Some may say cages and fences are meant for protection. But for whom? If the world, our earth, persons and our animals were left alone to be what they were meant to in the first place, there would be no need to try and fix what the persons messed up in the first place.

Nothing can be done about that now in most situations. So learn this lesson…

If something doesn’t look right, not only acknowledge, but follow thru. Take responsibility as a person that you have the capability to do your best to help. You may not always be successful. But you have to put forth that effort.

We’ve learned many lessons on the farm these few weeks that we will take with us. And hopefully we can learn from these lessons. Without fences, every living thing could be who they were meant to be…where they were meant to be.

If you’ve been keeping yourself in your own fence, take it down. Be who you were born to be. Be free.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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