The Field Of Cupcake Flowers

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

When was the last time you had the best afternoon nap?

For me, sleep is like food. The more. The better. And if you can mix the two? You have a combination for happiness.

There I was. Trying to sleep the night away. And I felt someone watching me. This time it wasn’t Sheriff Brickle.

Boy Person had a rough day. And there I was, simply happy to be sleeping. He had to stop in his tracks.

He watched me. And watched me. And watched me some more. Girl Person asked him what he was doing. He said since I was running in my sleep and smacking my lips, I looked like I was running thru a field of cupcakes and eating them as I went along!

A field of cupcakes? It sounded wonderful. And since I was half asleep, I decided to go really asleep and run in that field of cupcakes! There were cupcakes everywhere! And they were in every flavor I liked! Pancake flavor! Maple syrup flavor! Bacon flavor! Eggies flavor! Oh, it was a wonderful field of cupcakes!

The magical thing that happened every time I ate a cupcake was that it grew right back! All I had to do was eat one and there would be another. And no. I never gained an ounce from eating all these cupcakes. Because in my dream, I could run and run. My legs didn’t hurt. I didn’t run out of breath. I felt like a puppy. And it was wonderful.

I almost didn’t want to wake up because it was so much fun. But as wonderful as my field of cupcakes was, I didn’t see anyone else there with me. I didn’t see Brickle. I didn’t see the persons. And well, nothing is as much fun as being with my family. Even a never ending field of cupcakes.

Because you see, we may all have dreams of things we want to accomplish. But what if you got all of that, yet you had no one to share it with? We all have to consider the costs of our choices. At least, you persons do.

So where is your field of cupcake flowers? What flavors do you want? I’ll race you for them!

Deputy Digby Pancake


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