Mmmmm Hmmmm

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes, you gotta step back and hit that pause button for a moment.

Sometimes, you gotta wonder. Am I the only normal one around here? What’s happening with everyone? At least that’s what we wondered at camp this week. It’s like everyone had gone shopping for cuckoo clocks.

For weeks at the farm now, every day and night we hear an animal saying “mmmm hmmmm.” We can’t find out who is saying it! It’s not the ostrich. It’s not the emu. And we really don’t know if it’s the antelope, because we’ve never seen him actually say it! It’s been driving us crazy.

But then we found out it didn’t necessarily matter who was saying “mmmm hmmm”. Because they were so right.

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When we heard “mmmm hmmmm” as we looked to the next campsite over and saw a person camper standing in his skivvies? We knew why.

When we heard “mmmm hmmmm” as we looked to the campsite behind us and saw Batman wearing a cape in broad daylight? We knew why.

When we heard “mmmm hmmmm” as we listened to someone’s smoke alarm going off for five hours? We knew why.

When he heard “mmmm hmmm” as a parrot barked at us from his campsite every day? We knew why.

Yes. Yes. It was a lot of “mmmm hmmmms” every day. And it makes me wonder. What didn’t we see going on at camp? I shudder at the thought.

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We will miss this farm. But shortly, it’s time to go. We will always hold the memories we have had here close to our hearts. And we will call them to mind when we need a laugh.

Many of us rush around life not taking notice of the funny things. Things that make you say “mmmm hmmm.”

But the truth is, that’s what makes life grand. Laughing can be a rare thing for most nowadays.

The importance of it is underrated. Make it a point to find your “mmmm hmmmm” today.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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