Fresh Cut Grass

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. What makes you feel…alive?

What makes you feel like you were always meant to feel?

Sometimes, you can be going about your day. Everything is the same. Same routine. Same. Same. Same.

Then, something ordinary happens. Like a sight. Or a smell. Maybe fresh cut grass.

There we were at our campsite. Trying to find reservations for our next adventure. Unsuccessfully, I might add. The animals at the farm were making their animal noises. And going about their ordinary day too.

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We heard the tractor in the distance. But we smelled it’s handy work first. It smelled like home. The day smelled like memories.

Long ago, Girl Person’s Pappy used to ride around on his tractor. Years after that, she followed in his tracks. Week after week, the tractor would start. And grass would be mowed.

In this Florida place, grass grows by the foot a minute. So your work was never truly done. It was an unending path of work ahead.

Keeping up with the Jones’ is easy compared to keeping up with the grass.

But this day, here on the farm, it wasn’t us mowing. And I suppose we kind of saw this chore from another viewpoint.

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Mowing the grass was a beautiful thing. The motion. The cowbirds chasing the tractor to get bugs. The white flowers the tractor purposefully left for the bees to enjoy. It was poetry to our eyes and our nose.

It was sure a wonderful feeling to appreciate the ways we can take care of our earth. And taking care of our earth helps us to take care of ourselves.

Never underestimate the value of work. But also never underestimate the power of stepping back to enjoy the little things after your work is done.

Life isn’t about news reports or illness or panic or drama. It’s about work and enjoyment from our work. Don’t waste your time running in circles. Mow your path to the happy things.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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