Happy Campers

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If you’re happy and you know it, then your smile will surely show it. You’ve heard that before.

But what happens when you’re happy…and you know it… but you wonder if you should be so happy?

We’ve been at the farm for a few weeks. And you may have noticed that we haven’t been anywhere else, except to visit family. We usually go, go, go. But what have we been up to? Staying. Sitting. Sleeping. Being happy campers.

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Yes. That’s right. We’ve been enjoying where we are parked instead of trying to fit in the extras. There are always extras.

But when you’re extra happy where you are in that moment, there’s no need to apawlogize. If you’re happy, you’re happy. And you know it. Appreciate that.

Everyone has likes and dislikes. I’m not so sure I liked the emu omelette as much as my normal eggies. But Brickle seemed to love it more.

And sometimes our likes and dislikes change. We may want to explore the world and have exciting adventures! !

But maybe we change and we decide to be homebodies for awhile.

Living up to someone else’s expectations is exhausting. But that someone we may be trying to impress may just be ourselves. Are we constantly looking for reasons to be happy or to be unhappy?

I look at the animals here at the farm.

Many of them had not so good lives in carnivals or shows. They may not be in their exact perfect place on the farm. But they appreciate their place now. It’s a happier place. They live life. They choose to see the good. I hear them talk and see them in the sunshiney. There’s no use in them remembering the darkness or being sad. They already had enough time wasted. Why waste more?

What we want today may not be what we want tomorrow. We change. And that’s ok. It’s recognizing what we truly like, want and need. And what we can do about it. If we can make it happen, we have to. For ourselves. Living with regret isn’t something dogs do.

But you persons make up for all of us.

Being a happy camper is easy when you can realize where you are happy. And we are happy here for this week. Will we feel the same at the end of it? We will ask ourselves then. But we will never regret recognizing how happy we were while we were here. It’s a good feeling to be a happy camper.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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