Where Does The Cold Grow?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s cold here in this Florida place. It’s so cold Digby is thinking about wearing pants.

But even though it’s cold here, and the weather service warned iguanas might fall from the trees, I heard it’s even colder other places.

But as much as the persons in this RV seem to not like the cold, Deputy Digby and I love it! We love the change in the air and the crispy grass like french fried potatoes!

And the smell of campfires is enough to make us come alive! We go crazy!

But even if persons don’t love the cold, I wonder why they can’t appreciate the good parts about it.

Don’t they see the good parts? It doesn’t seem like it to me.

They may not like the cold. But when they complain about it so much, they actually have cold growing in their hearts. If persons have to have everything perfect to be happy, then will they ever be happy? Or will they only be happy when they have something to complain about?

Some like Digby see a pancake lining on whatever the day brings.

He may have liked the day before a little better. But he wonders if he will like tomorrow even better than that.

And if you have warm fuzzy feelings like Digby, you will only feel the warmth of the world. The best things grow in warm weather.

Don’t let the cold in your heart prevent them from blossoming.

You see, the world may not always give us what we think we need. But we have to realize the world is made up of more than just us. Winter is needed for our earth and the environment just like spring. Spring couldn’t come without winter.

So if you’re in the winter of your life and only cold has been in your forecast, find out where it grows. What caused it? How can you warm back up? Look at the positive things in your life. There is still more to come. I can feel it! Can you?

When we take care of ourselves and what makes us happy, but appreciating that perfection is not possible, only then will we see the good in all things. In all individuals. In all seasons.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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